Lode Runner for PC / Windows & MAC

Lode Runner for PC / Windows & MACLode Runner is now available for PC. The Trivia Game was originally created for Android and iOS users but can be downloaded on PC by following some simple steps mentioned below. For the people who have not heard about this Game yet, let’s have an overview of what it is about before moving on to the method to download the Lode Runner for PC.
Notice: This game doesn39t support Android 8.0

Direction pad: move the player
A button: Dig a hold at the right side
B button: Dig a hold at the left side
Start button: StartPause the game you can review the whole level when pause
Select button: press 39select39 then 39start39 to retry a level when you get stuck
Reset button: Restart the game

The player must collect all the gold in a level while avoiding guards who try to catch the player. After collecting all the gold the player must touch the top of the screen to reach the next level.

Levels feature a multistory brick platform motif with ladders and suspended handtohand bars that offer multiple ways to travel throughout. The player can dig holes into floors to temporarily trap guards and may safely walk atop trapped guards. Should a guard be carrying a bar of gold when he falls into a hole it will be left behind and can be retrieved by the player. Over time floors dug into will regenerate filling in these holes. A trapped guard who cannot escape a hole before it fills is consumed immediately respawning in a random location at the top of the level. Unlike guards the player39s character may not climb up out of a hole and will be killed if it fills before he can escape by other means. Floors may also contain trapdoors through which the player and guards will fall and bedrock through which the player cannot dig.

The player can only dig a hole to the sides and not directly underneath himself. This introduces an important strategy for when digging a hole x blocks deep the player must first dig a gap at least x wide to be able to dig through it as the number of spaces will shrink with each layer and the player needs at least one free adjacent space to be able to dig. However exceptions to this rule arise when the player digs from the position of standing on a ladder or hanging from a handtohand bar which allows the player to repeatedly dig and descend one row. This kind of digging is involved in solving many of the levels.

The player starts with five lives each level completion awards an extra life. Should a guard catch the player one life is subtracted and the current level restarts. The player39s character can fall from arbitrary heights without any injury but cannot jump and players can trap themselves in pits from which the only escape is to abort the level costing a life and begin again.

The player may come into contact with a guard directly from above with the stick figure39s feet touching the guard39s head. This is what enables the player to walk over guards who are temporarily stuck in a hole that has been dug. It is also possible to make this contact while both the guard and the player are in free fall since the player not only runs faster than the guards but also falls faster moreover it is possible to survive the feettohead contact while a guard is standing on a platform and begins to move. Both forms of contact are necessary to solve some levels. Sometimes it is necessary to liberate a trapped guard by digging while standing on his head but then moving rapidly in the opposite direction when the guard begins marching to freedom. In a few levels it is necessary to use a falling guard as a bridge to reach an otherwise unreachable area. One subtlety is that if a down movement is initiated while standing on a guard39s head or briefly touching the guard39s head during free fall the consequences are fatal.

In some levels guards can be deliberately trapped in various ways. They can be lured into entering a part of the level from which there is no escape. In some situations the player can liberate trapped guards by digging them out. In some levels to collect some gold pieces the player must exploit the guards into collecting gold pieces.
Lode Runner For PC
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Download and Install Lode Runner for PC:

  1. To download Lode Runner on PC, you will need an Android emulator like BlueStacks, Andy or NOX Player. If you do not have it already, you can follow the Links provided for the respective Emulator Guide.
  2. Open Emulator of your Choice and search for Lode Runner using the search tool on the top of the homepage.
  3. Click on install button. The game will automatically download and install.
  4. Once the Game has been installed, go to My Apps in Emulator homepage.
  5. The icon for the appear in My Apps.
  6.  Click on this icon to open Lode Runner.

Now, you can start using Lode Runner on PC simply by opening it from the Emulator. Hopefully, you will be able to install the Android Apps on your PC through this guide. Please follow our Blog PCAppsWiki.com and If you still have any issues, please let us know and we will help you solve them. Enjoy !

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